We, hypocritical – sapiens!

Sometimes, I wonder how tangled we humans are, we never fail to forfeit ourselves on the labyrinth of pseudo-beliefs and hyper-criticism. The beliefs which were once well-defined inferences are now nothing but a bunch blindly followed conventions, which never fail to accredit our acts of absurdness. Either we are oblivious, or simply negligent.

When I was in higher secondary, I was taught that the scientific name for humans has been extended to “homo sapiens-sapiens”! Yeah, that’s right; the Latin word sapiens, which means wise, has been supplemented again here. Well, I don’t think if there’s a need to chase the reason behind this obvious sounding exercise. Still, if you are ‘wise’ enough to ask, I feel courteous enough to enlighten you that it is done to celebrate the super intellect of modern day humans. In case you agree to this proclamation, which apparently we all do, please feel free to trouble your brain cells and help me analyse – how? Where do we justify the virtue of being referred as ‘super-intelligent’?

Hypocrisy-MeterShouldn’t we be better professed as hypocritical-sapiens? Don’t you think that we are just a society with loads of double standards? This was true for always, but somewhere in back my mind I held this pseudo-belief that we, humans, hold the superiority over any other species in this word. However, the recent incidents have led me to ask that aren’t we messing-up the process of evolution?

While the list of our enterprising activities is quite drawn out, let’s focus our attention towards recent incidents. A few days back, some educated brats open fired in the capital city of our neighboring country, and bombs were set off in the holy city of Madina, and Shiite populated Jeddah and Qatif. While the responsibility for Dhaka massacre was carried by very renowned IS – who notoriously holds its reputation to carry out religious killings; no one immediately claimed responsibility for attacks in Saudi Arabia. However, many experts quoted that these attacks have nothing to do with the religion, but initial investigations pointed again towards IS. Well, if these attacks would have happened in India or any other part of the world, many ‘liberals’ would have started chanting that “terrorism has no religion”. But to their disbelief, it involves one of the most accredited cities of the same religion.


Now here too liberals didn’t fail to give another alienated remark.  According to them, “terrorists misinterpret the scriptures!” Oh really? Wow. I guess that way they would have also misinterpreted ‘Darwin’s theory of evolution (survival of the fittest)’. If only someone would have misinterpreted ‘Einstein’s theory of relativity’ and ‘Newton’s law of gravity’, our schooling had been much less cumbersome, but my reveries apart, we would not have been enjoying the taste of amelioration if that would have happened.

We know that terrorism has no religion, but doesn’t the terrorist have a religious agenda? Aren’t they misled by radicals, extremists and separatists? So, instead of living in denial and repeating that corroded mantra, why don’t you (liberals) start to acknowledge and help counter the problem? Why do some of our brothers have to defend their faith after every such incident?

Mentioning of the problems, I would like to divert attention towards aHypocrisy2 very old and infamous ‘Kashmir problem’. While many are demanding ‘aazadi’ from India in the valleys, the question is what after aazadi? Obviously, you will invite our contemptible neighbor to adopt you. Or wait, aren’t they already trying to lure you to join their band of miserable? Do you seriously think that the country which already is in turmoil, the government which is no better than anarchy, will pamper you?

You demand the army to be removed from “your” land, but at the times of distress, you look forward to the same soldiers to succor. Wow, what a humbug are you!
Well, of course, I am no one to conclude. Since I have never been to Kashmir and I am not aware of the actual problems, I guess I hold no right to comment on this issue. But I still hold my questions tall. I do not only question the people, but also our media and the company of so-called ‘liberals’ that why is a eliminated terrorist being framed as a hero? How dare you compare an arsonist to a freedom fighter? Why don’t you ever feel sympathetic to families of martyrs who laid their life for the nation, for you and your family’s safety?

Like many other concerned citizens of this nation, my heart cries for what happened at a nationalized university in the capital of our country a few weeks ago. And in the response, I have nothing new but again some direct questions to the so-called revolutionists, and pseudo-liberals too: Wouldn’t you feel ashamed of yourselves when you survive on the subsidies and endowments aided by tax payers’ money, and still have the audacity to shout slogans in anticipation of destruction of this country? Shouldn’t you be branded as traitors? How do you find peace among yourselves to sleep in the night? Doesn’t your conscience reproaches when you face yourself in the mirror?


I also remonstrate with public representatives who have seasoned themselves into shrewd politicians. Stop playing blame games and stop fabricating situations to your advantage. Please do for what you were chosen. And yes, the above questions are also applicable to you under the otherwise scenario.

Whenever you find the answer to my questions or feel like pelting a reply on me, our constitution equips every citizen of this nation with freedom of speech and expression, regardless of their caste, creed, color or propaganda.

Talking of the freedom of expression, why is it that we are debating and fighting for freedom of speech of a radical speaker, but we condemn some artists for hurting our creed?

Wow, we are such plastered-saints that we raise hue and cry about inflation only while buying tomato and onions, but we jovially spend more than 200 cores in a week on a Bollywood flick. We feel offended by an actor’s insensitive gender remarks, but we show our agitation by breaking in first day of his gimmick.

Sometimes, I wonder if there is a limit to our hypocrisy?!


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