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Where do the best conversations with your family and friends happen in your opinion? When you are at a pristine location amongst your family, when you meet your friends after a long time, when you are chatting with your better half? All the examples I quoted above are correct and much more if you want to add. Add to each of these scenarios a cup of hot tea and you get a conversation to remember. Tea and the conversations which follow is what I thought to discuss with my readers today.India is the world’s largest consumer of tea and a few years back it was the largest producer also. You can see tea stalls and restaurants

India is the world’s largest consumer of tea and a few years back it was the largest producer also. You can see tea stalls and restaurants doting in almost every nook and corner of India, be it a village, town, city or a metropolis! I have personally seen it in north, west and south India. I have not yet been to east India so I cannot comment on that. Besides every tea stall, you are bound to bump into an array of people chatting and relishing their cup to the fullest. You are bound to bump into students, working professionals, families, friends, elderly citizens, almost everybody you can imagine in your mind can be there. Add to it the pace with which the chaiwallah (tea seller) prepares the drink is all the more exciting. Frankly speaking, I was shocked to view the abundance of tea stalls in Hyderabad. The images of Bhopal I had in my mind were of a tea stall at around few hundred meters apart from each other, sometimes even further apart. In Hyderabad, I was taken aback to view the distance between any two tea stalls decreasing steadily. A culture exists here of finding a lot of tea stalls nearby the huge IT buildings. There you can find a completely different ambiance; techies chatting about their regular work, bunch of friends discussing something funny and exciting, managers discussing about the clients and what not! The best environment which I found in the city of Nizams is the tea restaurants doting at almost every crossroads. The ambiance is what I love at these places. The constant flurry of people entering and leaving the place, the way in which you order your cup of tea (and the side order of biscuits, specially Osmania!), the ability of the waiters to carry a lot of cups in two hands, and the conversations along with sipping tea. These are some of the memories which stay on in your mind for some time. Believe me, I go to these places just for living this experience I mentioned above, rather than drink a cup of the famous ‘Irani Chai’ served. The conversations at any of these tea stalls are one of the best you can ever experience. In the cafes near Charminar, you can surely overhear people conversing in Deccani Urdu, a pleasant sounding dialect of Hindi. You can also hear the same dialect in almost every place in Hyderabad, but hearing the same in the Old City of Hyderabad is an experience which cannot be expressed in words.

Chai Glasses

Sipping a cup of tea along with biscuits, rusk or toast, or for that matter, anything which goes well along with tea is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. You can go to a roadside tea stall and drink it dirt cheap or you can head up to the fancy restaurants and burn a hole in your wallet, the choice is yours. Every experience you have is memorable. I also request all readers to share their personal experience of ‘Chai Biskit’ here along with me.

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