Poori-Sabzi in Hyderabad

I would like to take all my readers on a trip down the memory lane. To a time around 5 years and 6 months back. The time when I first set foot in Hyderabad. To commence my professional career. A completely new place for me and it was around a thousand kilometres from my home town of Bhopal. I was trying to settle down in the initial days in Hyderabad when I found some similarities in this South Indian metropolis. Things which helped me to adjust at a fast pace. Hindi being the language of communication, tea stalls and small restaurants dotting every nook and corner of the city and early morning breakfast of Poori Sabzi in these small places.

You can observe small roadside restaurants selling tea and whole lot of eatables everywhere in Hyderabad. And the icing on the cake for me was the early morning breakfast of Poori Sabzi they provide. You can drop inside any such restaurant and have this delectable dish in the morning. Currently priced all around the city for as measly as Rs 20 for four pooris and aalo sabzi, it is least damaging to your wallet by all means. It goes best with a cup of Irani Chai afterwards, which costs you another Rs 10. You can have your tummy full at just Rs 30 and then you can proceed to start your day with a satiated stomach. What more, you get the constant chatting and discussions attached along with it, all free of cost! This is the USP of the road side eateries of Hyderabad. The endless conversations, the rush hour chaos and in between all, you are relishing your breakfast of Poori Sabzi. What can be better than this, tell me readers.

I am again being transcended back to the time I stated at the start of this blog. And let me be very frank, this occurrence of Poori-Sabzi in almost every small eatery in the IT city of Hyderabad was a shocker for me. Other things apart, this is one of the reasons to keep me put in this beautiful city. I came with some pre conceived notions in the back of my brain which were all broken! (Thankfully). J Finding the local food of my hometown approximately a thousand kilometres away made me emotional that fine day and it still continues to do so. Undoubtedly, this goes as one of the innumerable reasons of making Hyderabad my preferred city to stay ahead in my life.

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  1. Bharath N says:

    Never thought one could write a whole article on Poori Sabzi. Great Creativity Bro!

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