First Shot @ Irani Cuisine

The restaurant commenced operations in 1930’s. I felt like being transported back in time, to the 1940’s, when Irani cafes were aplenty in the length and breadth of Mumbai. The complete place looked like a page taken from history books.

Food’o’nomics – KKC

If we can spend millions in the name of entertainment on some crappy Bollywood flicks, then we can surely contribute a little for the cause!!

The legacy of “Poha-Jalebee”

Bhopali’s are just crazy over having it in the breakfast. If you happen to be in Bhopal and go out to the by-lanes in the morning, you’ll find food-joints in almost every nook and corner serving hot tangy Poha with crispy Jalebees, ready to be devoured.

The desi flavor of Holi

Though this festival holds a spiritual significance – triumph of good over evil; but for me, Holi is important because I get a special treat of delicious Dal-baati this day.