Poori-Sabzi in Hyderabad

I am again being transcended back to the time I stated at the start of this blog. And let me be very frank, this occurrence of Poori-Sabzi in almost every small eatery in the IT city of Hyderabad was a shocker for me.

We, hypocritical – sapiens!

Shouldn’t we be better professed as hypocritical-sapiens? Don’t you think that we are just a society with loads of double standards?
PS: being titled as FoodieGuy doesn’t means that I can not express my cogitation on critical issues!

Adios Mangoes…

Summers are supposed to be the period of the year when one loses weight easily. I, however, gained it because the Mangoes came along…


School days are indeed most blissful days in one’s life. So here, I am sharing with you a memory that never fails to make me smile whenever I walk down the memory lane…

Easy hacks to help you lose weight & keep it in check!!

I don’t know why some find the weight off-loading process no less than a rocket science.
Few days back, I found some hacks while writing for a fitness website and these can be easily applied to check on your swelling belly, despite your busy lifestyle.

The vadaa pav saga

Blame it to Bollywood or TV serials, when I was a kid I thought of vadaa-pav to be our national fast food!

Early Morning Breakfast @ Dodi

Dodi, just besides the highway. All the people riding their vehicles at top speeds do make it a point to stop here for their great Poha Jalebi, Samosa, Chaai and other stuffs.

The unaltered flavors…

Valleys in the Himalayas, indeed, are blessed with breathtaking natural beauty. But because of their difficult terrain, they are largely untouched by external customs, and so is their food.