Random Annoying Relative: So, what you doing these days?
Me: I write.

RAR: That’s ok, what I meant was what do you do, like professionally?
Me: That’s ok, what I meant was I’m a writer, like professionally.

RAR: Oh, is that a real job? (Continues with a sarcastic expression…) What you write, books, poems, movie scripts?
Me: Web and application optimized content. Not lyrics or flicks, mostly creative though…

RAR: Alright. So how much do you earn?
Me: Excuse me?

RAR: You know, my distant-distant-distant-I-may-have-never-met relative’s son is of your age. He works in a difficult-name-to-pronounce corporation and earns OMG-I-have-never-seen-so-much-money-in-my-entire-life package annually. Yaaaaa!! How much do you earn?
Me: Enough to satisfy my needs.

RAR: Still, give me a figure na…
Me: Do you plan to marry off your daughter with me?

RAR: (gets annoyed) Let’s change the topic…
Me: Exactly!

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