Early Morning Breakfast @ Dodi


This magical moment was more than five years in the making. After my graduation, I left for Hyderabad for work. Hardly ever I had the opportunity to come down to Indore, or even traverse from Bhopal to Indore by road! This time though the opportunity presented itself, all of a sudden. It was my cousin’s wedding and my family was to take a road trip from Bhopal to Indore, in our car.
For those of you who do not know, Dodi is a village on the highway between Bhopal and Indore. It comes almost midway on the 200 kms highway. Also, it is renowned for having one restaurant, named Highway Treat, Dodi, just besides the highway. All the people riding their vehicles at top speeds do make it a point to stop here for their great Poha Jalebi, Samosa, Chaai and other stuffs. When my family reached at the spot, it was about to turn 9AM. Pretty early morning breakfast, I must confess! I enquired everyone what they needed for breakfast. After asking everyone, I ran straight to the already overcrowded cash counter to place my order.


The order was as could have been expected: Poha Jalebi, Chaai and samosas for my nephew. I have to say, I tasted the food there after five years and they have not compromised with the taste. Moreover, every item on the menu was absolutely fresh. I started giving out the orders of my family members first. I prepared my own plate of Poha rather selfishly. The mound was topped with generous helpings of Jeeravan and Onions. I finished it in less than five minutes. Not because I was hungry, but because I could not control myself. After that, I proceeded to take the order of Chaai. Freshly prepared, it tasted surprisingly different from the Irani Chaai I am so used to drinking in Hyderabad. I was suddenly feeling quite refreshed, after having slept around five hours the night before.

The main attraction is that the damages to your wallet are minimum. For Rs. 50, you can enjoy a grand breakfast, just as I did; Poha, Jalebi and a cup of Chaai. After relishing our 9AM breakfast, we headed for Indore, reaching just in time for brother’s engagement ceremony.

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