DDLJ in current times…

A few days back, I was strolling across TV channels and ended up before this movie – DDLJ. Although I am not a fan of this flick, something kept me hooked to the screen. An idea it was. I felt the movie was little outdated. “What if the event of this movie happened in current times… in the Digital Era?”, I asked myself and started writing a sequel narrative from Raj’s perspective. Sharing it here with you, let me know what you think.



Hello. My name is Raj, naam to suna hi hoga.

It started when I was off to a euro trip with my friends, we met a group of girls who too, were vacationing. Of them, a girl, Simran was her name, turned out to be the girl of my dreams! The moment I saw her, I fell for her immediately. Now I’m an NRI from London but even then, my fluency in Hindi – all thanks to my online Hindi teacher – can put even the native Indians to shame. (Thanks Dad for paying for them!)


And so, before you know it, I was putting on the old Bollywood charm and already working on winning the heart of this dusky goddess. And because cupid was on my side this time, we even missed our train to Zurich together. Time to swing my smartphone into action – I quickly planned an alternate mode of travel and we were off together (through the green pastures, snow plains, beautiful streets and amazing sights of this foreign land – Thank you Google for helping me!

By the time our trip ended, Simran too was in love and informed her family. But her father was a too old school (yet he had a smartphone!). He went to the travel agency, threw a fortune for air tickets and flew to India the very next day to marry her off.

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Now if it was the 1990s, I would have lost the girl in this situation – how to find one chic in a land of a billion people? Thankfully, it is 2017 and I had Facebook to rescue me! I reported her missing on social media, got people interested in my plight and ended up locating Simran in a village in Punjab. The next step was getting an online visa and booking the next cheap flight. I even used the IRCTC’s tatkal service to reserve a seat on the next train for her village.

I befriended Kuljeet (found the moron on Facebook too as he was flashing around his newly updated relationship status to his friends) and made my way in the family. I even presented Chutki (Simran’s sister) with a beautiful keychain (ordered it from Amazon – sly right?). She liked me instantly.

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Everything was going smoothly until one day when Simran’s father discovered a photo-print of us on the Euro trip (stupid girl! I told her to use cloud storage instead). Wow – the old man was furious. He insulted and assaulted me, and expelled me from their house (wish there was Airbnb here in this little village so I can find a place to put up for the night...)

Thought it was over – I thought about making the return journey alone. I quietly slipped to the railway station, but this Kuljeet guy, along with his friends, attacked me and broke my new iPhone while I was booking the return tickets online. That was the limit, hot blood filled my veins and I beat the pulp out of those goons singlehandedly (all that binge watching of Bruce Lee movies on Netflix finally paid off!)

source: Indiatimes.com
source: Indiatimes.com

And then… out of nowhere, Simran’s whole family appeared. The train arrived and I boarded quietly – Simran wanted to join me, but her father gripped her wrist and barred her. She pleaded… she cried…

All of the sudden, he released her and said, “Only a true Digital Consumer can give you the laid back life you deserve! Ja Simran Ja, jee le Digital zindgi…

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She ran like a high-speed internet connection and caught the departing train. We were united and lived digitally ever after…

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