Easy hacks to help you lose weight & keep it in check!!

I don’t know why some find the weight off-loading process no less than a rocket science.
Few days back, I found some hacks while writing for a fitness website and these can be easily applied to check on your swelling belly, despite your busy lifestyle.

The vadaa pav saga

Blame it to Bollywood or TV serials, when I was a kid I thought of vadaa-pav to be our national fast food!

The unaltered flavors…

Valleys in the Himalayas, indeed, are blessed with breathtaking natural beauty. But because of their difficult terrain, they are largely untouched by external customs, and so is their food.

Food’o’nomics – KKC

If we can spend millions in the name of entertainment on some crappy Bollywood flicks, then we can surely contribute a little for the cause!!

The legacy of “Poha-Jalebee”

Bhopali’s are just crazy over having it in the breakfast. If you happen to be in Bhopal and go out to the by-lanes in the morning, you’ll find food-joints in almost every nook and corner serving hot tangy Poha with crispy Jalebees, ready to be devoured.

The desi flavor of Holi

Though this festival holds a spiritual significance – triumph of good over evil; but for me, Holi is important because I get a special treat of delicious Dal-baati this day.