Chai culture of Hyderabad…

The metropolis of Hyderabad is a blessing for any tea aficionado. In my almost seven years of stay here, I have tried to experience the tea being served at almost all the possible destinations wherever I saw!

we and tea…

India is the world’s largest consumer of tea and a few years back it was the largest producer also. You can see tea stalls and restaurants doting in almost every nook and corner of India…

Poori-Sabzi in Hyderabad

I am again being transcended back to the time I stated at the start of this blog. And let me be very frank, this occurrence of Poori-Sabzi in almost every small eatery in the IT city of Hyderabad was a shocker for me.

Early Morning Breakfast @ Dodi

Dodi, just besides the highway. All the people riding their vehicles at top speeds do make it a point to stop here for their great Poha Jalebi, Samosa, Chaai and other stuffs.

First Shot @ Irani Cuisine

The restaurant commenced operations in 1930’s. I felt like being transported back in time, to the 1940’s, when Irani cafes were aplenty in the length and breadth of Mumbai. The complete place looked like a page taken from history books.