this apparel accessory gave me some serious side-effects!!

It got mighty cold this year, in my city it touched four degree Celsius and got me an intense cough and cold. My nose went red, I was sneezing and blowing out phlegm quite frequently.

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The very next day, when I was dressing up before the mirror, my younger sister brought a grey-coloured piece of cloth and wrapped it around my neck. It was a muffler, a thick and wooly scarf.
“What’s this?” I asked in an annoyed tone.
“Muffler. And you need this. Enough of your sneezing and ‘coughing’, I can’t take it anymore!” she exclaimed.
“But I have a lot of thermals on already, plus, I don’t like this thing” I told her adamantly while trying to undo it.
“Na… keep it on, it looks quite cool and it’s in fashion.” She held my hand, winked and said teasingly “you look smart in it bro, girls are gonna go mad for you.”
“Alright… but I must warn you that this thing has its side-effects. Don’t fret later.” I replied slyly.
“Can’t be worst then your lubricant coated handkerchiefs…” she announced sarcastically and left.

A day later came Sunday. I was at home and my muffler was still on. I was watching a Leonardo DiCaprio movie on Netflix when my sister entered my room and said “Bhai, need you with this…” she was carrying her laptop and some books.
“This is an awesome movie you know, you should watch it. Leo has simply raised the bar in this….” Cutting me in between, she said: “we’ll review it later bhai, shut it off and help me with this presentation.”
“I can’t,” I replied while my eyes fixed still on the movie.
“Why…? You promised me!” she demanded.
“I did, but Modi Ji won’t let me.” I replied casually.
“Modi Ji?!” she raised an eyebrow.
“Aw…sorry, I mean daddy Ji.”
“Would he? Why?” she demanded an explanation.
“I don’t know, ask him, he controls everything. I’m telling you, ‘ye daddy ji ki chaal hai’. Nothing is in my hands! I said emphasizing on the last sentence and shooed her out of my room.
The clock told it was late noon, I was sitting in the drawing room immersed in my smartphone when my sister approached me again. “Bhai, did you just order this high-end smartphone?” she was carrying my laptop. My Gmail account was open and had an order confirmation message from the e-tailer. I don’t generally log out my Gmail.
“Looks like I did, I need new phone” I said casually.
“But the last time I wanted an expensive phone, I remember, you preached to not to waste money and got me a mid-ranger. Do you realize this will burn a large chunk of your savings??” she tried throwing my own words at me.
“It won’t. I used daddy Ji’s credit card.” I reasoned with a spontaneous answer.
Her mouth opened in shock, she took a moment and almost whispered stressing on every single word “you out your mind, why would you do that?” without waiting for my answer, she fired again “Why do you need such an expensive phone in the first place?”
“Because…(I scractched my head looking for appropriate answer)…this new phone…will let me do my official work and house chores much easily and daddy Ji should pay because…I don’t know…he controls everything…” I shrugged my shoulders and shooed her off again.
A little later she came to me again. “Bhai, where’s my chocolate?” she asked.
“What chocolate?” I made a puzzled expression.
“Hawww… When you were leaving to get groceries from the market, I asked you to bring dark-chocolate for me!” she almost cried.
“Ask mummy ji, I can’t buy even a candy without her permission. She is the boss here, I am helpless …” I reasoned throwing my hands in the air. She turned about and marched away while murmuring.
I, along with my family, just had my dinner when my sister came to me and yelled: “Give it back to me, now!”
“Give you what?” I enquired calmly.
“My chocolate, the one which I brought in the evening. And don’t act smart okay, mummy told me that you were snooping in the refrigerator a while back!” she seemed pretty agitated and was scaring me with her big eyes.
“Do you have a proof?”
“What proof?” she appeared puzzled, yet determined.
“A video or something proving that you actually placed any chocolate in the fridge…” I replied confidently with a mischievous smile.
On hearing this, she kind of lost it and snatched the muffler coiled around my neck. “Enough of this ‘nautanki’! She exclaimed.


Ps. My sincerest sympathies with Delhi people. Two years more to go.

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  1. Shivam Gupta says:

    Nikky ka number diyo, let me ask her.

    1. Savneet Singh says:

      U have it already, I guess…

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