am I Anurag Kashyap??

A few days back, I was writing a story where I was required to describe the perspective of a young girl, who while attempting to portray herself as a feminist protagonist, misreads a middle-aged man involved in a show of machismo as a male chauvinist.

I got stuck while writing a monologue in which the girl condemns the man of being impudent towards the opposite gender. So I phoned a girl-friend (not to be read as ‘girlfriend’) who is not a shrieking feminist but believes in it by definition and action.

While we were on the call, I explained her the whole situation and asked her input.

“Just climb up to the skin of that girl and think, simple!” she announced casually.
To which I quipped “err…but won’t that require a sex change surgery??”

“So what you are asking me is to step into her shoes and speak the girl’s mind, right?” she asked.
“That’s right! Why else would I be letting Airtel rob me a buck every other minute, my dear?” I remarked.

She took a while and replied, “if I were in her place, I would shout as the misogynist ass***** do.”

“Something like the famous F-words with more innovative prefixes, you know” she spoke discreetly to avoid falling in light. “… and would do it in Hindi, coz they sound more mean that way…”
“Hmm, but wouldn’t it be vulgar for my audience?” I doubt I may have sounded conservative, on the other hand, I was more concerned.

Now, it was her turn to pay back sarcasm, “What are you writing? …a children’s novella? Take some creative liberty dude
“hurling abuses in the name of creative liberty, who am I, Anurag Kashyap?” fell from my mouth abruptly…

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